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Entertainment World

We are just a month away from the opening of Entertainment World, Qatar’s newest outdoor location for entertainment, leisure, shopping and food.

Entertainment World - Qatar Tribune

Entertainment World stands – Qatar Tribune

Entertainment World, an outdoor venue fitted with all kinds of entertainment and fun is set to open this upcoming month in Doha. Located just between the Pearl-Qatar and Lagoona Mall, the fair will host rides, live shows, food stands and shops daily.

The venue will start welcoming visitors next month, but will however close down during the month of Ramadan and reopen by Eid Al Fitr, according to I Love Qatar.

It will include a Snow World for the kids, a miniature golf course and a karting track, making it a place destination for a full-day of family fun.

Older visitors can enjoy some of the rides, as well as get a bite to eat, enjoy the live show, or wander around the kiosks for something to buy.

But if you think the initiative is only about casual fun, you’re wrong. Qatar Tribune reported that half of Entertainment World’s profits will be going to be donated to local cancer institutes.

Once open, the amusement fair will be open from 3 PM until 11 PM during weekdays, and from 2 PM until midnight on weekends.

For further information or to book a kiosk, you can contact Entertainment World through +974 3103 0319 or +974 3030 3005, or visit their website.

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