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Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant

Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant

One is a spray the other is a stick? The real difference between deodorant and antiperspirants is the difference between beating sweat and beating smell.

While people have general believed that antiperspirants and deodorant are one and the same thing just in different forms, they couldn’t have been further from the truth. Well if there are differences, what are they and which is better for you? Well let’s find out.

Let me start off by explaining each, what they do and what they are made up of.

Antiperspirant is exactly that, an antiperspirant. It works by clogging or blocking pores in your underarm, out of which sweat comes. It takes very powerful astringents to this like aluminum salts.

A deodorant works quite differently. A deodorant will not prevent you sweating, nor will it block any passageways, it will neutralize any foul odor instead. You must understand that the odor does not come from the sweat itself, but is in fact the byproduct of your sweat being broken down by bacteria that lives in your underarm and other moist areas.

Come to think of it, both product do exactly what they are named, one fight perspiration and the other odor.

Which on is best for you? Well that is a tricky question the answer to which is another question, what would you want it to do?

If you want to stop sweaty patches on your shirt you would most likely enjoy the antiperspirant, that comes usually in the form of a roll on or stick. However, the deodorant is the healthier choice.

If you are self-confident enough to not care about a bit of sweat, pick deodorant, because trapping sweaty waste in your body is never healthy.

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