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Green Mangroves Want To Save Purple Island in Al Khor

Green mangroves

Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative-recognized project, Green Mangroves, is a group of volunteers set out to the beautiful Purple Island just outside Al Khor.

What was once a dream in the eyes of long-term Qatari resident Lina Al-Tarawneh has become a vehicle of change. Whilst just a high school student, Lina launched Green Mangroves, a volunteer-based initiative that is dedicated to save the beautiful Purple Island and the mangroves around it by social engagement.

The organization is the brain-child of Lina, who fell in love with the island and its surroundings while on a family vacation. When she found the mangroves disfigured by litter scattered around, she made it her personal project to rehabilitate and protect them.

Purple Island, Al Khor, Qatar

Purple Island, Al Khor, Qatar

Along with a group of equally dedicated individuals, Green Mangroves organizes trips to Purple Island, in which

participants clean up as the paddle canoes across the stream, or while they discover the green forest of the island.

The project has been recognized by the Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative and was selected in their global program called “Village To Raise A Child”.

But the downside to being a volunteer-based organization is that you are always looking for volunteers. They are always looking for energetic souls who share their passion in preserving the natural beauty of Purple Island and to restore it to what it once was.

If you are interested in participating, or even leading an expedition, you are encourage to contact them through their website. They are also looking for volunteer photographers who can document the mission.

Purple Island is the only archaeological site in the country attributable to the second millennium BC and is called Purple Island because it was used by the Kassites to make purple dye between 1400 to 1100 BC.

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