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Nokia Is Making A Comeback

Nokia is making a comeback

Nokia, the Finnish telecom pioneer, is not only making a comeback, but they will also be reintroducing some of their most iconic phones to the market.

It was very sad when Nokia flopped and had to sell its mobile branch back in 2013. The company that made cell phones cool was sold to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, but not even Microsoft could bring them into the smartphone business.

What happened was, Nokia was doing so good, actually, they were the best, so preferred over other phone manufacturers that people were reluctant to give their Nokias up for smartphones. But eventually iOS and Android was everywhere, Angry Birds was a thing, and it wasn’t very good for Nokia who was still very traditional.

However, Microsoft didn’t know what to do with Nokia either, so it ended up being bought by a newly formed Finnish company HMD Global Oy for only $350 million. HMD is led by a group of former Nokia employees, and is trying to put their phones back on the market.

One of the biggest announcements HMD have done so far, they will be bringing back the iconic Nokia 3310, remember those? Back in the day, this was the phone to have, they were everywhere, and if you’re in your mid- to late-twenties this could have been your first phone.

Many claim that the company got their reputation of making indestructible and highly practical phones because of the 3310, which is a successor to the famous 3210.

The 3310, together with Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 – two Android powered smartphones – will be revealed at the the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona later this month.

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