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France Just Made Everyone Organ Donors

France Just Made Everyone Organ Donors

By law, all French citizens are now organ donors unless they specify otherwise.

According to a law that became enforced as of January 1, 2017, all French citizens are now organ donors. The law isn’t new to Europe, Spain and Austria have had “presumed consent” laws for a while, which means that anyone is a donor of organs and tissues upon their death, unless they choose otherwise before death.

Those who prefer not to donate their organs, according to the law, should be signed up to a newly established National Rejection Register, to make sure that they keep all their internal and external body parts after they depart from this world.

According the UK-based the Guardian, a total of 150,000 people have already signed up to the register.

If they can not sign up to the registry for any reasons, it is also acceptable to sign and date a letter stating the person’s refusal that can be left with a friend or relative. Also, an oral testimony to a relative is also accepted.

With hundreds of thousands of people around the world on waiting lists for a donated organ, this could be a perfect method to help as many as possible. While some groups have spoken out against organ donation, it saves thousands of lives each year.

Since it takes a procedure in most countries to sign up as an organ donor, and then it’s hard to ask a dead person if they wish to donate their organs, this way is easier. Instead of registering for organ donation, you register out.

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