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Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix’s Zombie Comedy Starring Drew Barrymore

Santa Clarita Diet

America’s sweetheart Drew Barrymore plays an eccentric,flesh-eating, zombie mom in the new Netflix Original Santa Clarita Diet.

Sheila and Joel are an ordinary suburban American couple who have teenage girl and work together as a realtors, but their lives are about to change in ways they never imagined. Santa Clarita Diet is The Walking Dead meeting Desperate Housewives and Weeds.

During an ordinary day, halfway through an ordinary house sale, Sheila throws up a lot, A LOT, and dies. However, she wakes up, like, momentarily, and things go crazy from there on. While her husband is out trying to find answers and solutions, she goes out to feed her urges all over town, especially her hunger for fresh human flesh.

With the help of their daughter Abby and Eric, the boy who likes her and happens to be a creeper (someone who specializes in zombies, aliens, and other weird stuff), they try to make things work and continue their lives as normal, but it’s slightly harder than that.

Each of the 10 26 to 30-minute episode is funny and unpredictable. It might not be very thrilling as you’d expect a zombie series to be, but it is definitely very entertaining and fun to watch at any time.

It stars Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond, Timothy Olyphant as her husband Joel Hammond,
Liv Hewson as their daughter Abby and Skyler Gisondo as the creeper Eric Bemis. It was released on Netflix on February 3, and has a rating of 70% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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