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The Many Uses Of Coffee Grounds

The Many Uses Of Coffee Grounds

This is a small lesson to all of you who love to brew themselves a fresh cup of coffee in the morning but throws out the best part, the coffee grounds.

Yep, you know the process, fill the machine up, let it brew, drink up and them throw the coffee grounds out. The problem with this process is that coffee grounds might be the best part of coffee. They have more benefits than you’d ever imagine. Take your time and read this through.

First of all, your coffee contains a lot of nitrogen and potassium, which is great for soil if you have plants in or around the house. Simply, just throw the grounds around under the plants and let them grow.

They are also a great deodorizer. Fill a cup of coffee grounds and put in the back of your refrigerator to rid it from any foul odors and smells. And if that is not amazing enough, they also work great as a pest repellent. The acidity of the coffee scares off almost every other type of bug that might be approaching your home. Not only will your home remain pest-free, it will be so without harming any small creatures.

Not only will it keep bugs out from your home, it will also leave them off of your dogs. Mix a bit of coffee grounds with your dog’s shampoo and you’ll have a natural and effective anti-flea shampoo.

And last but not least, it is great for your skin. Yes, your skin. Next time you brew a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, carry the empty pot with you straight to the shower and rub all the coffee grounds you can find all over your skin. It will remove any dead skin cells and leave your skin soft and clean.

Now you have more than a reason to drink coffee, just make sure to take advantage of its awesome uses.

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