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Ooredoo’s CloudClinik Provides Online Appointment Schedules

Ooredoo has launched a CloudClinik service that allows you to book a doctor's appointment online 24/7

Ooredoo has launched a CloudClinik service that allows you to book a doctor’s appointment online 24/7.

The CloudClinik will offer the ability to post their schedules and appointment opening online on the CloudClinik Appointment and Schedule Management System. Through it, patients can search and book an appointment with their favorite doctor around the clock.

This way you could book a doctor’s appointment with your prefered professional at a time your personal convenient and works for both.

The CloudClinik service was first launched in 2015, and has become the fastest growing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for primary care clinics in Qatar.

The system was created in cooperation with renowned medical specialists, and offers services like booking walk-in, online patient registration, scheduling appointments and tracking then, as well as insurance claim generation.

It also uses high-end security measures to protect patient data and keep them confidential.

With the new service, clinics will be able to put up the schedules of their practicing doctors by themselves through an easy-to-use portal.

Patients can then check for appointments at any time from anywhere, finalize the deal on the spot, and will receive an SMS to confirm their booking.

The solution will be available at a price starting at QR 899 a month, and is easy to use and does not require any special IT expertise.

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