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Pokemon Duel Is Everything Pokemon GO Isn’t

Pokemon Duel

Following the release of their virtual reality app game earlier last year, Pokemon just released Pokemon Duel, a battling game that lets you take other players to the gym.

First of all, let’s not kid ourselves, Pokemon GO was cool until you got bored of finding the Pokemon Duel battle screenshotsame Pokemon over and over again, and had to travel miles for a small battle that wasn’t very interactive. Well Pokemon Duel is the answer to all the things Pokemon GO lacked.

This game is not about walking or catching Pokemons, it is about battling. In this game, you don’t need to “catch ‘em all”, you need to assemble a team of six pokemons and take them to battle with your friends or other online players.

Even though battling and winning tournaments is the main goal of the game, it is very unlike the Pokemon games you played on Game Boy and Nintendo 64.

The game starts with your character flying into a tournament and has a easy benging but develops into a more complex story-mode as you go deeper into the game.

Players battle across a board game, where your deck of 6 Pokemons are your arsenal that you need to move across the board to reach your opponent’s side, knocking out any Pokemons in your way.

The game can be downloaded and played for free, and despite some in-app purchases, it can be finished without the need of purchases. It is available for iOS users on iTunes App Store, and for Android users on the Google Play store.

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