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Neal Brennan’s New Netflix Special Is Genius

Neal Brennan in 3 Mics on Netflix

The comedy genius Neal Brennan uses three microphones to manipulate your emotions, and give you an adrenaline-packed ride through his Netflix special “3 Mics”.

It is unlike any other comedy stand-up, because this one actually makes you get emotional, and even sad. It is the genius mind of Neal Brennan that mastered the art of comedy by using three independent mics to deliver more than just a routine.

A few feet apart, separated by the spotlight, Brennan gives you three shows in one. The first mic is for quick, simple yet witty, one-liners. The second mic is for stories. His own stories, that can get emotional and sad, where he talks about how he struggled with an abusive alcoholic father and his battle with clinical depression. And the third one is for the hilarious stories and jokes.

It is his approach that makes this routine so smart and amazing, because it bring you down at the top of your high, and when you hit your lowest, he takes you back up. It is like going through a drug high, but with comedy.

Many of you might not have heard of Neal Brennan, but he is the mastermind behind many comedy productions that have gained huge popularity around the world, like the movie Half Baked, Chappelle’s Show and Nickelodeon’s Kenan and Kel.

Going from being an award winning director and comedy writer, to starting over from scratch and trying on stand-up comedy, he has found a way to put his hilariously creative mind on stage. We have all had sore cheek muscles after a good comedy show, but it is really rare that one leaves you with an emotional heart as well. It is a definite recommendation.


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