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Super Mario Run Is Finally Out!

Super Mario Run

The long-awaited Super Mario Run has finally been released! Here’s what we know.

Finally, the much-hyped Super Mario Run game app has been released in a new attempt by Nintendo to join the smartphone gaming world. The game is an app that you can download from the App Store, anywhere in the world.

This is one of the few times a Super Mario game has been released to be played on anything other than a Nintendo console, and is the company’s attempt to enter the mobile gaming industry.

The Super Mario Run game is a side-scrolling auto-running video game, very reminiscent of the earlier Mario games on Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo and the earlier GameBoys. It was officially released by Nintendo for iOS on December 15, but won’t be available for download onto Android devices until sometime early in 2017.

Even though the game got positive reviews, its price and need for a constant internet connection scared some potential players off. It costs $10 dollars to unlock the game after you’ve downloaded it onto your iPhone.

The $10 might seem like a lot for an app, but it seems like Nintendo was betting that all 80s and 90s kids would buy it out of nostalgia, and they’re right, we’re sure they will. With the game, you can travel back a few decades and dodge grinning black bullets and smash down on mean mushrooms. Not to forget eating growth mushrooms and collecting coins.

You can also unlock and play with five of your favorite Mario characters, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Yoshi, and use them and their special attributes to give your gameplay a unique touch.

Just writing about it got me excited to play, I’m out! (Link for the game on App Store)


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