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Suicide Squad Goes Beyond The Squad

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn is not the only Suicide Squad member to get her own movie franchise.

While the movie Suicide Squad did not meet all the hype it had built up to movies premier, it actually still did very well in the box office. The movie still managed to generate a massive sum of $745.6 million, which encouraged the studios to not only produce a sequel, but a whole franchise of spin-offs.

The popular and iconic Harley Quinn seems to be the one to get an independent movie first, but she will not be the only DC character in it.

It has been revealed that the movie title will be Gotham City Sirens, sharing the name with the 2009-2011 comics series that largely focused on Harley, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. This got fans speculating whether the movie will give a background story to the sassy squad member, or be a completely different side-story.

Another thing to not look forward to, is the movie being better than Suicide Squad. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Suicide Squad director David Ayer has been given the duty to direct Gotham City Sirens as well, which is a disappointment looking back at the last DC movie he directed.

The other independent squad member movie seems like it’s going to be given to Deadshot, the super assassin played by Will Smith.

Now whether Deadshot is popular and big enough of a character to get an independent movie is not the question here. Will Smith himself has proven to be an actor that can sell any movie. But let’s not hope that that’s the only thing the studio is hoping to get out of this movie.

We already got a glimpse of Deadshot’s life in the first Suicide Squad movie, so we know that he is complex enough to have his own story. Let’s just hope that the creators work hard enough on it.

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