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How To Cure The Hiccups Fast & Easy


Don’t let the hiccups annoy you ever again. Here are two ways to effectively and immediately end a serious case of the hiccups.

If you’ve never had to deal with incurable hiccups then you’re lucky, but the rest of us who have had them know how annoying, and sometimes painful, they are.

The hiccups is the result of involuntary contractions of the diaphragm that may happen periodically for a period of time. It is in fact a reaction, which can be caused by several factors. They include, but are not limited to, intense emotions such as fear, anxiety, excitement, joy, euphoria, carbonated beverages and alcohol, as well as dry breads, spicy foods, opiate drugs, even laughing. In some cases it is a sign of more serious health complications like kidney failure, CNS disorders, stroke, multiple sclerosis, meningitis, nerve damage, and even damage to the vagus nerve after surgery.

Most of the times a hiccup will just resolve itself without any need for intervention. However, sometimes they might need medical attention if they are chronic and painful.

But when it comes to the regular hiccup that’s just so annoying, we got the only home remedies you need.


You’ll say you’ve tried it but it didn’t work, we know. But that’s just because you’ve been doing it wrong your whole life.

To get rid of the hiccups, drink a full glass of water while blocking your ears. You can do it with the help of a straw of friends. Drink it all in one setting and you’ll be both hiccup-free and hydrated.

Tongue stretch

This might be the rather awkward solution, but it is said that pulling out your tongue can cure even the most incessant hiccups.

It is very simple really, but you might not want to do this in public. Just pull your tongue out as far as you can. You can even use your fingers to try and pull it out slightly more.

Keep in mind that if your hiccup lasts for hours and gets painful, it is smart to not ignore it and get medical attention. Something as small as a hiccup could be a sign of a more serious health complication.

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