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The SkinGun Is The Future Of Skin Repair Treatment

The RenovaCare SkinGun

The RenovaCare SkinGun is promising people with scars and burns quick, easy and painless treatment.

New York-based RenovaCare are in the process of developing a revolutionary SkinGun that can change the way we treat severe burns and scars.

While burns and scars are usually treated with laser therapy, radiotherapy, or even skin needling, which can be painful, lengthy,expensive and invasive, the SkinGun can repair damaged skin in no time, without surgery and pain free.

A burn injury treated with the SkinGun

A burn injury treated with the SkinGun

It works by gently spraying patients with their own stem cells directly on the damaged area. The stem cells kick-start a quick and organic regeneration of the damaged cells within 90 minutes.

With this new method, there’s no need for additional treatment or preparations. No needles, no medicine, and no lengthy stays at hospitals.

All the patient needs to do is to show up at the clinic and give a skin sample the size of a postage stamp. Professionals will then use the skin tissue sample to extract stem cells, which will then be sprayed onto the patient once prepared. The whole ordeal takes a few days, beginning to end.

However, there will be some time until this treatment is made available commercially at hospitals and clinics. It is currently being used to help injured US army veterans who are suffering with severe burns.


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