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Qatar Distribution Company Puts Fee On Alcohol Permit

Qatar Distribution Company Puts Fee On Alcohol Permit

The Qatar Distribution Company will start charging an annual fee for alcohol permits in Qatar

The Qatar Distribution Company has announced that they will introduce an annual fee for permits to access the country’s only alcohol and pork products store.

Previously, residents had only to put down a refundable one-time deposit of QAR 1,000 for a permit to shop at the QDC in Abu Hamour. However, starting tomorrow, December 1, 2016, a permit will cost a non-refundable annual fee.

The announcement came through a post on the QDC official Facebook page, stating the outline of the new rules and regulations. The announcement added that the qualifications for receiving a liquor license in the country will remain the same.

To obtain a liquor license and be able to purchase alcohol and pork products in Qatar, one should have a valid Residency Permit and make a basic salary of QAR 4,000 a month or above.

Under the new regulations, a licence can only be issued to serve as long as the validity of the applicant’s Residency Permit, and are priced accordingly. Meaning a 2 year RP qualifies you to a 2 year license, and 4 year RP to a 4 year license.

The fees will start at QAR 150 for a one year permit, a two year one costs QAR 250, and can only be paid electronically, by credit or debit card, and never in cash.

The purchase of liquor and pork product in Qatar and eligibility to obtain a permit are only available to non-Muslim expats. Citizens and Muslim expats are not allowed to purchase either by law.

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