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The Dhow Festival Concludes This Weekend

Dhow Festival at Katara Cultural Village

If you hurry, you might just make it to the Dhow Festival, the most Qatari event ever.

For the past six years, thousands of people have gathered at Katara Cultural Village annually to celebrate Qatar’s Dhow Festival. Having started earlier last week, it will not conclude until the night of Saturday, November 19, meaning that you can still head down and enjoy one of Qatar’s most cultural celebrations.

Every year, a five-day long event is set up in Doha to celebrate Qatari culture, history and heritage. Originating from Qataris long history of being very skilled fishermen and pearl-divers, as well as boat makers, the Qataris celebrate this festival with the Dhow in mind. The festival offers an extraordinary glimpse into the historical traditions, and life in pre-modern Qatar.

This year alone, around 125 Dhows anchored at the Katara beach, mostly of which hail from Qatar. While others came from Oman and Bahrain, they were joined by smaller fishing and pearling boats.

The boats are not just for show, because pearl divers and fishermen from all over the Gulf have sailed in to show off their bait, and give you a true Qatari experience. You will be welcomed to hop aboard and try it out yourself.

There will also be basket weavers, jewelry makers and other craftsmen at work. All of which are related to the traditional Qatari life by the sea.

The festival opens from 9:30 in the morning until noon, and from 3:30 in afternoon until 10:00 at night. Keep in mind that Saturday will be the last day of the festival.

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