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Will Qatar Play In 2018 World Cup?

Qatar Vs. China in the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers

Is there still a chance for Qatar to be in the Russia 2018 World Cup?

While ending last night’s match against China in a draw, and winning 1-0 against Syria last month, Qatar coach, Jorge Fossati, believes that there might be chance to make it into the 2018 World Cup.

In last night’s game, Qatar managed to to defend their goal, but so did the Chinese side. The game ended in a 0-0 draw, meaning that Qatar remains second from the bottom at Group C of the third round of the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifications.

The draw gave Qatar’s team a 1 point push, ranking it a point behind Syria, which have 5 points, and two points ahead of China, which are at the bottom of the group.

Qatar Coach Jorge Fossati

Qatar Coach, Jorge Fossati

After the game, coach Jorge Fossati told reporters that he is betting on a win against Uzbekistan.

“We didn’t have a great match today but we gained a point thanks to our defense. This point is important because we have lost three games already. The first half of the campaign is finished and now we will do our best in the second. If we can win against Uzbekistan, it will be a difference of six points. We think we have a big chance.”

It is particularly important for Qatar to make qualify for the tournament in Russia, because Qatar will be hosting the world cup directly after, meaning they will be allowed to play automatically. However, the country and the team feel compelled to prove that they deserve their spot, rather than getting their first ever World Cup attempt by default.

Their next qualifying match will be against Iran on March 23, 2017, and Uzbekistan on March 28, 2017. Iran is currently group leaders with 11 points, and Uzbekistan is third, with 9 points.

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