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60m Tall Roller Coaster On Its Way To Doha

under-construction Doha roller coaster Oasis Premier Rides

Doha will soon enough be home to the largest roller coaster at the under-construction Doha Oasis complex.

US-based Premier Rides have announced that they have started the shipment of new 60m-high roller coaster over to Doha. This is just the first of around 100 shipments, and will include parts for the steel structure of the mega ride. Once completed, it will be the largest roller coaster in the region and the centerpiece of the under-construction Doha Oasis complex.

Many detail of the nature of the roller coaster is still not known, like its theme and exact name. However, the makers have previously revealed that it will be a “fully-enclosed roller coaster tower that will allow riders a spectacular view of the city while remaining in a controlled climate setting.”

Digital render of Doha Oasis

Digital render of Doha Oasis

It has also been revealed that it will be what is known as a dark-ride, which mean that it will have special sounds and lighting effects to create optical illusions. Initially called the Dragonfire, it has a reverse magnetic launch that shoots passengers up a spike outside the building, giving them the experience of a bird’s-eye view of the city before dropping.

It will be located at the new underground mall and theme park on Al Khaleej St/B-Ring Road, a part of the Doha Oasis complex. Alongside the subterranean park, it will have 14 nine-story luxury buildings with 245 apartments. The project is being built by Redco Construction – Al Mana. It will be adjacent to a 29-story hotel that has 133 guest suites, seven restaurants on the lower floors, a pool and a gym. It is scheduled to be ready by the end of May 2018.

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