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Dubai To Doha In Minutes Through Hyperloop

Hyperloop One Inc. will build a hyperloop in Dubai

You might soon be able to travel from Dubai to Doha in 23 minutes through a hyperloop.

Well wouldn’t that just make things easier? Imagine if you could travel from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates all the way over to Doha in Qatar in just 23 minutes. With the hyperloop concept unveiled today in Dubai that might soon be a reality.

A concept for a new hyperloop that could transport passenger in speeds high enough to cover the distance of 150 kilometer in a matter of minutes was unveiled today in the Emirate o f Dubai. The loop works as a semi-vacuum tube that carries air-cushioned pods, making them lighter and easier to move.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk was actually the first one to suggest the rapid-transit hyperloop concept, in 2013. And ever since, tech companies have picked the idea up and tried to develop their own models.

Dubai will be working with US-based Hyperloop One Inc to develop their system, through a 12-week program with Dubai Future Accelerators.

The way this mode of transport is engineered makes it faster and more efficient than traveling by plane, bus or boat. Since the pods levitate slightly above their tracks, they can glide faster than a jetliner and without emitting any noise. They are powered by electric energy, cutting the dependence on fossil fuel for transport.

It was previously announced that they could be used for cargo shipping by as soon as 2020. But since a human factor is now involved, it is not known when they will become available.

In a Youtube video presenting the project, it was claimed that the pods can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes, to Riyadh in 48 minutes, to Doha in 23 minutes, and to Muscat in 27 minutes.

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