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MEC Protects From Fake Sales Promotions

MEC Protects From Fake Sales Promotions

Qatar has launched a ‘shop with confidence’ mark for sales promotions.

Qatar has for long tried to limit all types and forms of corruption in the country, whether in the public or private sector. In its latest efforts, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce outlawed fake sales promotions by issuing a law that obliges businesses to use the ministry-issue quality mark when advertising sales promotions.

We have all been suspicious of sales before, not knowing whether or not to believe if the sales price is actually on discount or not. Well now, not only will shops and businesses need to have a ministry approval on their promotions, but they will need to use the yellow “shop with confidence” logo sticker that is issued by the government, and it should be “clearly and prominently” displayed on all posters and adverts.

The initiative will not only help put a limit to sales scams, but will also foster a transparent relationship of trust between the seller and the customer.

The law is however not new. Qatar’s Consumer Protection Law (Law No. 8 of 2008) already requires shops to obtain a license that proves that their products are on discount price, but now they will need to advertise the license as well in the form of the logo. If a store fails to do either of the two, they can face penalties that range from receiving a fine, to having their promotion licenses withdrawn or even temporary shutdown.

The logo should be included in all forms of adverts, whether in a newspaper or on a billboard posters, as well as on signs inside and outside the shop.

In case anyone feels that they have been cheated or that the a sales promotion deal is not genuine, the government urges them to file a complaint via their consumer protection hotline on 16001or e-mail: info@mec.gov.qa.

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