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Qatari Police In McLaren 650S

Qatari Police In McLaren 650S

A concept McLaren 650S supercar in police uniform made a special appearance at Milipol Qatar 2016.

Soon enough, one of the world’s fastest cars, the McLaren 650S, could be enforcing the speed limits in Qatar.

At the opening show of the Milipol Qatar 2016, attendees experienced the excitement of not only seeing the McLaren 650S, but they got to see it in the official colors of the Qatar Traffic Police.

The British-made supercar has allegedly been fitted with radar technology, making it a perfect vehicle for traffic law enforcement and high-speed chases.

It is not sure whether or not the car will be among Qatar Traffic Police’s fleet or not yet. But if it ends up patrolling the streets, no one is going to be wanting to mess with it.

porche-panamera-police-car-in-qatarQatari Police already has one of the largest fleets of supercars in the world. One particular luxury car that the Qatari Traffic Police uses is the popular Porsche Panamera, as well as the luxury sports utility vehicle from the same manufacturer, the Porsche Cayenne. Not only is Qatar a wealthy country that can afford to spend lavishly on their police force, but the government is also a shareholder at Porsche, making business with the company easier. They also boast BMW motorcycles and V8 Toyota Land Cruiser trucks.

Ending tomorrow, the Milipol Qatar 2016 is a leading international exhibition dedicated to homeland security in the Middle East. If opened at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center on October 31 and will continue until November 2.

The exhibition features a wide range of security and defense technology and equipment from all over the world.

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