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Learn Popular Tattoo Meanings

Learn Popular Tattoo Meanings

Many tattoos look the same or might be perceived as simple as the image they are, but that’s not the case. Let us explain some popular tattoo meanings.

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting inked? Not only as children, even as adults, many of us fantasize about going under the needle to get a tattoo but get hesitant when it comes to choosing one. They are a great way of standing out and expressing your own personality, but since they last forever it is important that you choose the right one for you. To get a a tattoo that you i can identify with and won’t regret, it would be best if you learn popular tattoo meanings.



It simply represents the life journey of a butterfly, who is born as an ugly bug, gets trapped in a selfmade prison, and then struggles out to emerge more beautiful than ever. This is why a butterfly tattoo represents rebirth, change, struggle and beauty.



A wing tattoo can mean two things, depending if they belong to a bird or an angel. A bird wing says that a person can not be owned, constrained or controlled. It represents a free spirit who will go and come and do as it pleases. An angel wing(s) on the other hand mean something completely different. The wings of an angel symbolizes divine protection and guidance.



Many believe that the feather symbolizes the same thing as a wing, but that is not usually the case. However, a feather can symbolize to very contradicting things. In some cases it represents loss or death, while other cases it represents birth and luck.



The Om is not a word, nor a sound, it is the vibration that comes when you try to pronounce it. It’s transcendent meaning, honoring creation. It represents the reverence of life and understanding of the universe as one greater being or cycle.

Dream Catcher


Dream catchers are believed to have the ability to catch good dreams and chase away bad ones. This is why a dream catcher tattoo is believed to bring luck and make the wearers dreams come true, as well as chasing away bad spirits and fortune.

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