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Qatar Airways Bans Note 7 Off All Flights

Qatar Airways Bans Note 7 Off All Flights

Samsung Note 7 is now officially banned from all Qatar Airways flights.

An exploded Samsung Note 7Passengers travelling on any Qatar Airways will not be allowed to board the plane if they are carrying a Samsung Note 7 mobile phone. The phones are not even allowed to be on the plane even if they are turned off, nor are they allowed to be checked into luggage.

The decision to ban Samsung Note 7s from flights is not a new one, several other major airliners have taken the precautions since the phones have been known to spontaneously explode.

The Note 7 was supposed to be Samsung’s flag model for this year, but after several phones were reported to have exploded they decided to recall them from the market.

It was first thought that the phones exploded due to some defected batteries that would combust. However, Samsung later announced that they do not know why the phones are exploding and not only recalled them from the market, but also announced that they would halt production indefinitely. They also asked everyone who still has a phone to keep it off and to not charge it.

In early September alone, around 100 cases of an exploding Note 7 were reported in the US.

Even though the phone can no longer be bought, it has become something of a cult relic. The phones have become popular for exploding and some people are buying whatever ones are still for sale for that reason.

The viral content website Dose started a live broadcast of a Samsung Note 7 plugged into a charger, and almost received 30,000 viewers tuned in to watch patiently, waiting for it to explode.

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