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Listen To Hamad International Airport’s New Anthem

Qatar’s Hamad International Airport just got its very own theme song

Qatar’s Hamad International Airport just got its very own theme song, take a listen.

Qatar’s main international hub, the Hamad International Airport has gotten its very own theme song, something not many airports are distinguished with. It is called The Beginning, and was created in a collaborative effort between local Qatari singer Dana Alfardan and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

The song has a video clip, which starts off in the middle of the desert with a solo pianist harmonically playing the keys of a large black piano, and then transitions into a full orchestra playing at the airport itself. The video continues throughout the airport, with violinists and drummers lined up across the airports facilities.

The anthem has the harmonic feel of the Harry Potter theme music with a touch of Arabian melodies.

It has been reported that the video will be shown onboard Qatar Airways flights as part of entertainment, and was first screened in Doha at a private installment in June.

This is not the first joint artistic venture between the 31-year-old Alfardan and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, who has said that she feels “beyond privileged and honored” for the song being adopted by Hamad International Airport.

Alfardan is the CEO and founder of the indie music label DNA, and is known for her collaboration with internationally known Lebanese-American composer Guy Manoukian, alongside whom she performed her first concert in London this summer.

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