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Sprayable Sleep Is Actually A Thing

sprayable sleep is an easy way to combat insomnia

Catching some Zs has changed with the miracle Sprayable Sleep, one squirt and you’re off to a good night’s sleep.

An innovative new spray can help you beat insomnia and never miss out on a good night’s sleep ever again. Sprayable Sleep is the world’s first sleeping spray, from which a few squirts can have you fall asleep in moments.

Sprayable Sleep

A can of Sprayable Sleep

The spray works exactly like sleeping pills, by introducing melatonin into your system, the hormone your body makes to help you doze off. However, traditional sleeping pills contain up to 30 times more melatonin than you actually need to sleep, and the rest ends up being filtered out by your liver.

Sprayable Sleep comes in a deodorant container-like flask, and is made up of water, melatonin and a derivative of tyrosine, the amino acid that helps your skin with absorption, and is naturally produced in the human body.

In modern times, people sleep about 20% less than they did a century ago. More than 30% of the US population suffers from insomnia, and around 50% of all people over the age of 60 have troubles getting enough sleep. Insomnia is caused by many reasons, and causes countless health problems to sufferers, which usually influence their overall day-to-day functions.

This has cause the millions of people to resort to sleeping aids, usually in the form of pills. Sleeping pills have been highly controversial, with addiction claims and other side effects which can jeopardize a user’s health.

Sleep in a can is supposed to be the healthier and more effective replacement to sleeping pills, and can change the way people live.

The company behind Sprayable Sleep, Sprayable Inc., came out with Sprayable Energy last year. A spray applied similarly, which released caffeine onto your skin, which is absorbed to give you a kick of energy.

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