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The New iPhone 7: All You Need To Know

The iPhone 7 in jet black (backside)

Apple just revealed the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and here is all you need to know about Apple’s newest smartphone.

Yesterday (Wednesday, September 7), Apple held its annual event in San Francisco, where they revealed their newest generation of smartphones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The event is anticipated annually by millions of dedicated Apple and iPhone users around the world, in hopes of learning about the newest and latest technologies the company has to offer, and hopefully the newest generation of iPhone. Gladly, no one was disappointed this year.

The revealed upgrade to the iPhone is aesthetically very similar to their previous versions, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but has several differences in hardware, performance and efficiency.


With the new iPhones, Apple introduced two new colors to replace space grey, they are matte black and “jet black”, and will be available with silver, gold and rose gold. The newly introduced “jet black” is a shiny and darker shade of black, and will only be offered on the 128Gb and 256Gb models.

They also relocated the antenna bands which ran along the upper and lower backsides of the previous device, to the edges, making them less apparent and noticeable.

However, the first thing you notice about the new design is that there is no earphone jack. Apple has removed the 3.5 mm earphone jack, but you will be able to connect regular headphones by the means of an adapter plug.

The iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 7 Plus


The killing of the earphone jack has become one of the most controversial decision revolving the new iPhone. However, Apple clarified that every device will come with a pair of Lightning EarPods, which connect through the charging port, as well as a pair of innovative wireless AirPods.

The phone will know whenever a pod is in your ear through infrared sensors, and motion sensors will control them to use Siri and detect your voice. They are powered by a W1 chip, and can provide up to five hours of listening, and have a 24 hour battery life.

They are also able to connect to Apple watches, laptops and iPads.


The most exciting among the new features are the upgraded back and front cameras. The iPhone 7 comes with an enhanced back camera, able to capture sharper and more vivid photos in low-light environments, with a f/1.8 lens that lets in 50 per cent more light. It also includes a new 12 megapixel sensor that is 60 percent faster, and 30 percent more efficient than previous versions.

The real innovation comes in the larger iPhone 7 Plus model, which has two 12 megapixel cameras. One is a wide angle lens, and the other is a telephoto lens capable of 2X optical zoom. Together, the two can give you both closer and wider photos, as well as 10X optical and digital zoom.

The flash has been upgraded to quad-LED, with two cool and two warm LEDs, which provide both more and better lighting. The flash, together with the image stabilization feature and flicker sensor, will provide users with higher quality photos in low-light settings.

Both models can record 4K videos, with live editing and color capture, and come with 7 megapixel front cameras for sharper selfies and a better FaceTime experience.

iphone 7 compared to iphone 6s and iphone 6

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Improved Features

The overall battery life has improved, and can last an average of two hours longer than the one in iPhone 6s and an hour longer than the one in iPhone 6s Plus.

The battery in the iPhone 7 lasts an average of 14 hours on WiFi and 12 on 4G, while the battery in the iPhone 7 Plus lasts an average of 15 hours on both WiFi and 4G.

Both models are powered by the new Apple A10 Fusion processor which has a 64-bit quad-core CPU, and is 40% faster than the A9 in the iPhone 6s and twice as fast as the A8 processor in the iPhone 6.

The new models are also splash and water resistant, and can survive up to 30 minutes under 1 meter of water.

Home button

Even though this upgrade is hard to notice by just looking at it, Apple removed the clickable home button, and replaced it with a vibration-based taptic feedback system button. Now it is pressure sensitive and vibrates when touched to give users feedback.


The new iPhones will be available for pre-order on Friday, September 9, and will start being shipped as of September 16.


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