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Getting A Himalayan Salt Block Might Be Your Healthiest Decision

A steak cooked on a Himalayan salt block

Using a Himalayan salt block for cooking can be the healthiest decision you ever take.

Himalayan salt block

Himalayan pink salt blocks

The Himalayan salt block is a piece of hand carved plate of pink salt, originating from the areas around the Himalayan mountain range. Its composition of over 84 minerals, and low sodium levels makes it the best way to season and cook your food.

The pink salt plates can be used to prepare both cold and hot dishes, cooked directly on the plate itself. When used to prepare hot foods, the plate works best on a grill or gas stove. It has a melting point close to 8000 C, and can hold heat for a long time. However, it should be heated slowly and gradually, because a sudden exposure to high temperatures can cause it to crack. Put it over a low burning fire, and gradually raising the temperature every 15 minutes. It should take around 40 minutes for the block to become ready for cooking.

The idea of cooking on top of a hand carved exotic salt block might seem as a luxurious lifestyle stunt, but it is in fact one of the healthiest ways to prepare any meal.

Cooking on a Himalayan salt block naturally transfers the minerals inside the salt block into your food, in tiny portions small enough for your cells to absorb. These salts and minerals help balance out your body’s PH and hydration levels, as well as aiding your digestion and preventing acid refluxes. Not to forget that the over-84 minerals present will serve you as a unique and complex seasoning.

The low porosity of the Himalayan salt block prevents water from seeping into it, and along with its minimal moisture retention, it won’t leave your food extremely and unbearably salty. Instead, it will give your food a perfect and unique hint of saltiness. The same two conditions make the salt blocks a very hard environment for microbes, all you need to clean it after cooking, is a soft brush or a slightly moist sponge (no soap or formula).

Alongside its terrific heat distribution qualities, the Himalayan salt block can be used to prepare cold dishes. Its properties will begin to cure food upon contact, and preserve them for a longer time.

However you choose to use your Himalayan salt block, no one can say that eating food off a thick brick of pink salt is not the coolest thing they ever had.

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