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Essential Habits For Healthy Teeth

healthy teeth

Keep your smile bright and shining with these few tips of habits for healthy teeth.

There’s a very good reason why dentists are some of the best paid professionals in the world, no one wants their teeth to rot. Other than giving you a beautiful and attractive smile, your teeth helps you break down food to eat, as well as helping you pronounce certain sounds. To keep them healthy and strong, you should follow some of the habits for healthy teeth we mention as you proceed with this article.

First of all, it goes without mentioning. For healthy teeth you should brush regularly, preferably 3 times a day and after every meal. You should also floss regularly, use mouthwash every once in awhile, but most importantly visit a dentist for check ups at least twice a year.

A habit you should keep in mind and avoid, is crushing, sucking and sipping. A bad habit that can really hurt your teeth is using them to crush ice. The brittleness and cold temperatures of ice cubes can cause tiny unnoticeable cracks in your teeth, paving way for larger breaks and cavities. Same story goes with popcorn kernels and fruit pits, keep them away from your teeth. However, straws seem to be effective of minimizing the soda touching your teeth, which is a good thing.

One of the least known cause of bad teeth is actually you yourself. When you bite down and grind or your teeth, you are wearing them down. That will only make them weaker, and more vulnerable to infections, cavities and can result in some of your teeth breaking.

If you find yourself suffering from this, which is more a habit than something you decide to do, you can consult a dentist for several treatments. It can be helped with mouth guards that keep pressure off your teeth, and prevents them from touching.

But maybe most important of all, be careful of the toothbrush you’re using. Toothbrushes get easily dirty and contaminated with germs, so make sure to store your toothbrush in a dry and clean place. Alos, there’s a great misconception that claims that the firmer and rougher the toothbrush is, the better. That could not be further from the truth. Make sure that your brush is not too rough on your teeth, or it will also wear them down.

Keep this in mind, and smile brighter than ever.

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