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Doha Zoo Welcomes 5 New Lion Cubs

Lioness Lara from Doha Zoo gave birth to five cubs

The closed-down Doha Zoo just welcomed 5 new lion cubs to their family, according to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

The new baby lions at Doha ZooDoha Zoo’s lioness Lara has given birth to five small lion cubs. The cubs are all in great health, and will be kept with their mother for the upcoming two months, as they need to be breastfed. They will also be kept away from their father, as his jealousy might pose a threat.

The Public Parks Department within the ministry has placed them under veterinary care, which will make sure of their wellbeing and help transitioning their diet into meat after three months.

Even though Doha Zoo suddenly closed down in 2012, the facility continues to house some animals. Since then, they have welcomed several newborns, lately a baby giraffe in 2015.

Amid criticism over the outdated 30-year-old facility, Doha Zoo closed down in 2012 and had a large number of its resident animals transferred to the newly renovated Al Khor Park.

New Doha Zoo project plans

New Doha Zoo plans – Ashghal

There are plans to replace the Doha Zoo with a multimillion dollar safari park, three times the size of the old one. It will be build over the same grounds, just across from Aspire Park and Villaggio Mall.

The new zoo is planned to open in late 2017, but might take longer since the zoo still houses animals who need to be relocated, so demolition can start.

The Qatari Public Works Authority, Ashghal, has said that the new zoo will be more than just an entertaining venue with animals, as it will include a two-story discovery center with small animal exhibits, an interactive exhibition gallery, as well as educational spaces.

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