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There’s A Way Around Whatsapp’s New Terms And Conditions

WhatsApp's new terms and conditions will allow the app to share personal data with parent company Facebook

Users were angered when WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions gave Facebook access to private user information, but there is a way to avoid it.

Even though WhatsApp promised to keep our information private when bought by Facebook, the message sharing application company are now backing out of their vow. When Facebook acquired the world’s most popular messaging application in 2009, WhatsApp told its users that “Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA, and we built WhatsApp around the goal of knowing as little about you as possible”, a promise they have broke in WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions update.

The newly updated terms and conditions will allow Facebook to keep a database of users’ phone numbers they use for the app. This way, Facebook can now track people who are using both services, and gather their information for ads.

Thousands of users are now worried that WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions will grant Facebook access to more private information. However, WhatsApp said it would help Facebook give you better friend suggestions, and more relevant ads, through their blog.

But there’s good news for users who want to escape WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions, there are two ways.

In case you haven’t already accepted them, good, all you have to do is wait until you receive the pop-up. When you are asked to agree to the new terms, instead click on the smaller ‘read more’ option, and un-tick the “share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook” box.

If you have already accepted the new terms and conditions, you can navigate through the options button, and proceed to account. There you can disable sharing with Facebook forever. This can only be done within 30 days of agreeing to the terms, and can not be undone.

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