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Qatar National Library Grants Free Access To E-Readers

The Qatar National Library building currently under development

The Qatar National Library offers hundreds of thousands of literary works for free to anyone living in the country.

The Qatar National Library is a non-profit library established by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and offers hundreds of thousands of publications for free.

The library, which is regarded as Qatar’s national library, was announced in 2012, and aims to serve as national library, university research library, as well as a central metropolitan library aimed for a digital age.

While they are anticipating the opening of their new state-of-the-art building in Education City, they have announced that it will have a 686 square meters children’s section, a dedicated area for teens and young adults, 6 tutoring rooms, 21 individual and group study rooms, 27 carrels throughout the building, 2 multimedia rooms, and a 120 seat auditorium.

Not having a building has not stopped the Qatar National Library from executing its mission. As the building is being finished, the library offers free online access to a huge collection of literary work. These include bestsellers, classics, scientific and academic journals, and much more.

Just earlier this year, they added more than 14,000 new titles to their online directory. The addition happened through an agreement with Al Manhal, the leading Arabic electronic information provider.

Anyone who has a valid Qatari ID or Residence Permit is welcomed, and encouraged to register to the library for free. Those registered can enjoy their vast directory of books, journals, and theses on various subjects, like business, economics, educational science, Islamic studies, social sciences, language and literature, law, political science and international relations, history, geography, biography, and much more.

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