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Qatar Might Soon Have Its Own Children’s Museum

A child looking at an exhibit at a children's museum

Circulating news are claiming that Qatar is picking-up long discussed plans to create a children’s museum in the country.

According to Doha News, a tender notice was published in the local newspapers, which unofficially announced that Qatar is looking into previous plans of opening a children’s museum in the country, which had previously been put on hold.

They also reported that Qatar Museums is currently accepting bids from project management consultants, ready to work on the design and construction of Qatar’s Children’s Museum.

Interested contractors have until the 29th of September to submit their bids, which Doha News says was the only details on the project featured in the tender notice.

Qatar Museums have yet not released any statements on the matter, but let’s hope the project is a go.

You might think that a children’s museum, is just like a traditional museum, exhibiting children related displays, or items created by children, but that is not really the case. A children’s museums is an institution that provide a form of informal learning to children, through exhibits and special programs.

Contrary to the museums we are used to, where you can not touch anything under any circumstances, at a children’s museums visitors are actually encouraged to touch and interact with the exhibitions. The real goal of the exhibits at a children’s museum is to be educational.

The world’s first children’s museum was the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, established in 1899. The world picked up the concept and they have been popular ever since, with thousands children’s museums open all over the world.eum

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