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Five Qatar Companies Among Most Valuable In The GCC

Five Qatar Companies Among Most Valuable In The GCC

A new study names five Qatar companies among top valuable in the GCC.

A recent study was conducted by Marmore MENA Intelligence to evaluate organisations throughout the GCC. The study aimed to bring the GCC’s most valuable companies to recognition.

To determine the 30 most valuable non-banking companies in GCC, they looked over three parameters within each firm to determine their value. They looked into the return of equity, debt-to-equity and average profit after tax factors and returned the following results.

Among the 30 most valuable non-banking organizations within the Gulf Cooperation Council, five were Qatar companies, six from the United Arab Emirates, and the remaining two-thirds are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Qatari companies were Woqod (Qatar Fuel), Al Meera, Widam Food, Mazaya Qatar and Medicare Group.

Each of the companies listed has been relevantly successful in recent years, and are showing great growth potential.

Woqod or Qatar Fuel is one the leading petroleum products company in the region, which recently has been vastly increasing their business across the country.

Al Meera is the provider of some of the biggest supermarket chains in Qatar, and plans to open 5 new branches in the near future. They own supermarkets like Al Meera supermarkets and Hypermarkets, Geant Hypermarket and WHSmith Bookstores.

Widam Foods is largest meat importer in Qatar, and owns 27% of the country’s meat trade. They are also the largest meat distributor for butcheries, and cover 15% of the needs of the largest markets.

Medicare Group is owner of the Al Ahli Specialized Hospital, which the report claimed has strong future outlook.

Mazaya Qatar is a successful Qatari public shareholding company of both Qatari and Gulf investors.

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