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Oldest Person Alive Emma Moran Is The Last One Born In The 1800s

Italian Emma Morano is the world's oldest person alive born in the 1800s

Italian Emma Moran is now the oldest person alive, and the only one left born in the 19th century.

A 116-year-old Italian woman by the name of Emma Moran has officially become the oldest person alive. One might ask where her secret to longevity lies, but the answer is far from what you’d expect. Moran has lived through three centuries, the 19th, 20th and the 21st, eating daily portions of raw eggs,and drinking brandy.

She is one of the last people born in the 1800s, and the last one still alive. She credits her well achieved age and health to her lifestyle. As a teenager she was told by a doctor to eat raw eggs to help with her anemia, and it became a daily habit since. Moran also eats meat and pasta every day.

Moran was born in the Italian northern region of Piedmont, but currently resides at a lakeside town near the Swiss borders. For a 116-year-old, her health is in a much better condition than many not near her age. She says getting a divorce 78 years ago, and staying single was the trick. She separated from her abusive husband in 1938, and remained unwed, not wanting to be dominated by anyone.

Living in a one-room apartment, Emma Moran still lives alone. She had worked at a factory and later on as cook, and continued cooking until retiring at the age of 75, 41 years ago. .

Emma Moran became the oldest person alive last week after Susannah Mushatt Jones, from New York passed away. Mushatt Jones was a few months older than Moran, and passed at the age of 116.

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