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Qatar Police Prepare For FIFA 2022 With Manchester Police

Qatar Officers are training with the Greater Manchester Police to prepare for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Walking around the streets of Manchester, you might bump into Qatari police officers shadowing the local police force in preparation for FIFA 2022.

As part of an agreement between Qatar and the Greater Manchester Police, cadets from Qatar’s police college will be trained and prepared by the Greater Manchester Police ahead of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Around 300 officers from Qatar were sent to the UK to shadow and acquired community focused policing skills from the Greater Manchester Police.

Even though the cadets will be patrolling alongside their English counterparts around the clock, it has been reported that they will be wearing simple black uniforms to clearly identify their observer status, and not be confused with the actual police.

The program set back Qatar’s ministry of interior some 400,000 Great Britain Pounds, and is part of the country’s preparations to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

According to their website, Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “We’re really proud of the British policing model and are happy to work alongside the Qatari police service to help them develop and improve their policing service.

Spending time with us will enable Qatari police cadets and see first-hand how we work with the community, enabling them to think differently about how they can deliver policing in Qatar to become more community focused”.

Qatar is expecting more than 1 million international visitors during the FIFA 2022 World Cup, and has been preparing to accommodate them, and make their stay in Qatar safe and comfortable. The training in the UK hopes to bring cultural understanding to the Qatari police force, helping them cope with the cultural diversity of the visiting fans.

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