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Ways To Root For Team Qatar At The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Team Qatar is ready for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

How will you be cheering on Team Qatar during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics?

It is already August 5, and the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics are about to start. The world is watching as the best athletes from all over the globe are gathering in Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro to represent their nation in sports.

Qatar is being represented by 38 athletes, over 10 different sports disciplines, whom will participate in 21 events . As Team Qatar has settled in and are ready to proudly represent their country, people back at home are eager to watch their athletes in action.

The first set of matches Qatar will participate in this Saturday are swimming, table tennis, boxing and beach volleyball. For all of you back in Qatar, there are several ways for you to witness the best from Qatar in action.

For those of you wishing to witness the Rio 2016 Olympics from home with family and friends, you have many options to choose from.

Home viewers can watch through a subscription to either Ooredoo TV, or a series of channels popular in the Arab World, like Dubai Sports, Abu Dhabi Sports, Nile Sports and beIN Sports. However, some channels are not broadcasting all events, so make sure to check your TV guide for specifics.

You can still enjoy the olympic games with a larger audience at various restaurants and clubs around Qatar.

The Admiral Club at the Ritz Carlton has announced that they will be viewing the games, and will open from 5 PM until 1 AM every day during the games.

The Belgian Cafe and Paloma at the Intercontinental has also said they will be viewing the games. However, the games are not limited to these venues alone, many popular sports spots are also viewing the games.

Don’t forget to root for Team Qatar #YallaQatar

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