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The H2O Ninja Mask Takes Snorkeling To A New Level

Man diving with the H20 Ninja Mask

Snorkel effortlessly with the new and innovative H2O Ninja Mask.

The H20 Ninja Mask

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A Hawaii based American company has come up with a revolutionary product which can change the way we snorkel forever. The moment divers hit the water wearing the H2O Ninja Mask, they will understand that this is a game changer.

Snorkeling is not a new activity. The history of snorkeling can be dated 5,000 years back, when Aristotle mentioned that divers around Crete are using respiratory instruments resembling elephant trunks. These early snorkels were made by sea sponge farmers using hollowed out reeds.

Since then, other than the material used to create the snorkels, they haven’t changed much, until today.

What makes the H20 Ninja Mask so amazing, is the way it lets you breathe effortlessly. While wearing it you can breathe through your mouth and nose, while the traditional snorkel only allows you to breathe through your mouth. Other than its dual breathing technology, when using traditional snorkels you have to bite down on a mouthpiece to keep it in place, and use your lips to make it airtight. Both of which can become very tiring and annoying after some time.

With the H20 Ninja Mask, you will never have to worry about holding the snorkel in place. It is a complete one-piece mask which gives you the comfort of breathing just the way you do naturally.

The innovative design of a full facemask doesn’t only help you breathe better, but it also eliminates the need for a diving mask.

The H20 Ninja Mask is comfortable and fun to use the company reported, that users are spending up to 50 per cent more time snorkeling compared to those using traditional equipment.

With one model designed to fit a GoPro camera, the company has warned that the mask is best suitable for surface snorkeling.

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