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Why Get A Roof Garden

The key to get the most of your roof garden. Benefits and facts.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment in Qatar recently released a video on their YouTube page encouraging residents with a roof to spare to grow a roof garden.

The campaign is part of the Ministry’s initiative to grow the desert nation a little greener. Beginning with setting a perfect example, the Ministry planted 255 trees on the roof of their own building. With hope that it will spark a collective effort by the residents of Qatar, the video encourages people to start with planting vegetation in pots.

The concept rooftop gardening is not a new one, it has been used by humans for thousands of years. One of the Seven Wonder of the Ancient World, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, was an elevated garden, supposedly on top of a palace tower structure.

Even though the Hanging Garden of Babylon were built for the enjoyment of King Nebuchadnezzar II’s wife, Queen Amytis, there’s more to a roof garden than decorative value.

A roof garden adds to aesthetics as much as it does to a positive environmental initiatives. While most enjoy roof gardens for their beauty and consider them an urban escape to nature, roof vegetation can control temperature, provide food, help filter the air, as well as provide habitat or passage for wildlife.

A roof garden can be expensive, especially if all that money is going into looks. However, a green roof is a rooftop with shallow-rooted plants growing on their surface. These plant serve the building as a shield, as it has been known protect building from 87% of solar radiation. This shielding effect help keep the building cooler, and also preserve it

So get on your roof and start planning what kind of roof garden you are going to have.

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