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Al Hazm Mall Named Among World’s Most Cultured Mall By NYT

Inside Alhazm Mall in Qatar, named one of the coolest and most cultured malls in the world by the New York Times

The American New York Times listed Qatar’s soon-to-open Al Hazm Mall as one of the world’s coolest and most cultured new malls.

Inspired by Milan’s 19th-century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Al Hazm Mall is the definition of luxury shopping. As written on their website, the mall is “designed for connoisseurs, those who appreciate the finer things in life”. And if you think that means that it will be a hub for the finest and latest luxury product, you’re right, but yet far off.

Al Hazm Mall, created by Qatari real estate magnate Mohamed Abdel Karim Al Emadi, is not the place to visit when you feel like buying a new addition to your wardrobe, or just “hang out”. It is a mall that will give you an experience, the experience of the finer European lifestyle, in the heart of Qatar.

Offering a revolutionary experience in high-end lifestyle, the mall is enough to be a travel destination of its own. Once you arrive, you will not want to leave until you have experienced it all.

Instead of bringing together shoppers, Al Hazm aims at bringing together a culture. Alongside the luxury brand stores, it will have a women’s spa/social club, as well as a library with rare editions of Arabic and English classics. If that doesn’t speak luxury enough, arrivals will be welcomed with a glass pyramid, similar to the one at the French, Musée du Louvre. Like something out of a James Bond movie, the pyramid serves as a V.I.P. entrance to an underground auction house, with personal shoppers and butler service.

Wandering through the Al Hazm, you will be captivated by the domed-glass roof, Tuscan marble walls and hand-carved Arabian details all around. And to beat the annoying desert heat, the mall’s beautiful and fragrant surrounding gardens are temperature-controlled, giving you the space to freely enjoy the fountains, gazebos and 200-year-old olive trees imported from Spain.

Scheduled to open at the end of 2016, it is already clear that this will not be your average shopping destination.

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