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50,000 Fireworks Light Up The Moscow Night Sky

international fireworks festival in Moscow

50,000 fireworks light up the Moscow night sky at the second Rostec International Fireworks Festival.

Rostec held their second International Fireworks Festival in Moscow over the weekend (July 23-24), with a opening ceremony of over 50,000 individual skyrockets. The annual event aims at gathering the best pyrotechnic artists in world in one place.

Eight world class teams from China, France, Portugal, Russia, Malta, Estonia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan are competing this year, each with an average performance time of about 9 minutes. Their display of pyrotechnic needs to be accompanied with a soundtrack produced by either local or international cinematography, as part of this year‘s, theme, cinema.

The participating teams each have an exceptional resume in organizing installments at world events, such as Olympic Games in Beijing, Eurovision 2012, the first European Games.

Fireworks are a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices, usually made to shoot up to the sky, and explode into fest of colors. They are especially popular at large celebrations, like weddings, national days and large international events.

Being invented in China around the 12th century as a means to scare away evil spirits, they are made to produce four primary effect, a boom, smoke, light and confetti of some sort. Usually, they are designed to create a shape of a proportionate scale in the night sky, like flowers, palms and even hearts.

Fireworks is an outcome of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China of gunpowder, and most of the world’s fireworks production is made in China. They are really popular during festivities like the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, traditions which have been carried out for centuries.

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