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Arts and Design Classes At VCUQatar This August

VCUQatar offers a range of arts and design classes for the summer of 2016

Have fun learning new skills with VCUQatar’s Summer Programs this August.

VCUQatar is hosting a series of amazing summer classes of several kinds, for children and high school students, during the first three weeks of August.

Starting either July 31 or August 7, VCUQatar has lined up several programs kids and high schoolers can take advantage of to gain new skills and boost their creativity.

A class intended for the younger children, aged 6-9, is Illustrated Ideas, focused on teaching children the fundamentals of creating characters, scenarios, and environments. Through drawing, the class will help children build technical knowledge of tools, colors and design.

Children aged 10 to 15 can enjoy either “Experimental Print & Collage” or “Creative Discovery”. The first is a one week long introductory class to different methods of printmaking and design, where children will get the chance to experiment with different type of materials to create print art. The second being a two week class, offering an introduction to art and design through painting, drawing, illustrating, and printing.

Teens aged 14 and above can enjoy a Fashion Design Portfolio class, where they are introduced to the basics of fashion design.

Design Intensive and Arts Intensive are offered to youngsters aged 16 and above, giving them the chance to take on either fine arts or several types of design on an advanced level.

Established in 1998, in partnership with Qatar Foundation, VCUQatar is the Qatar campus of the well known Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia. VCUQatar offers students several degrees in fine arts and design, on both bachelor and graduate level.

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