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Super Material With Properties That Can Change Our Future

Take a look at some of the world's super material

It is super material like these that will form the world of tomorrow.

With spaceships and sophisticated lasers being part of real life on Earth today, do you ever stop and wonder what all this awesome technology is made out off?

As for as the science you learn in school serves you, you’re still far behind. Scientists have reach such astonishing discoveries and inventions that it only paved way for more intriguing questions.

Below are some of the super material scientists have created that we will probably make use of in the near future.


Aerogel - A type of Super Material

Aerogel – A type of Super Material / Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

This puff of cloud holds 15 entries in the Guinness Book of Records, more than any other material in the world. The “frozen smoke”, as it is sometimes called, is made up of alumina, chromia, tin oxide, or carbon, and is 99.8% empty space.

What is great about Aerogel is the fact that is stops both heat and cold, which makes it a perfect insulator. Since it is light and highly heat resistant, specialists are looking to incorporate Aerogel into space equipment, military armor and fire fighting clothing.

Carbon Nanotubes

A carbon nantube is a super material and the strongest existing material

A carbon nantube is a super material and the strongest existing material

These chains of carbon are held together by the strongest bond known in chemistry, the sacred,even stronger than the bond that keeps diamond together. Other than being 300 times stronger than steel, carbon nanotubes have ballistic electron transport properties, which makes them great for electronics.

A material this strong is virtually indestructible, and scientists are using it to try to figure out how to build a space elevator and kilometer high buildings.

Metal Foam

Metal Foam - A type of Super Material

Metal Foam – A type of Super Material

Is basically powdered titanium added to molten aluminum with foaming agent. The end product is basically a super strong foam which is so light it is 75-95% empty space, some light enough to float on water.

Because they are both strong and weighs little they have been proposed to become the building blocks of space colonies.


The mother of all super material, Starlite is a secret formula created by a scientist who never told anyone how to remake it. In fact, its heat resisting properties are so staggering no one believed it to actually exist at first.

Starlite caught scientists attention after Maurice Ward heated an egg covered with starlite for about 5 minutes and it hadn’t begun cooking yet. After that several tests were done on starlite, it was even exposed to nuclear-flash-level bursts of heat, up to the level of 75 Hiroshimas. It survived amazingly.


BacillaFilla is a super material that can glue together cracked concrete

BacillaFilla is a super material that can glue together cracked concrete

It is common knowledge that when concrete ages it becomes cracked. Restoring concrete and fixing the cracks is both expensive and time-consuming, but BacillaFilla is the sci-fi answer.

The BacillaFilla super material is a actually a genetically modified microbe, that has is programmed to find its way to the deepest cracks in concrete, and produce a mixture of calcium carbonate and bacterial glue. It also hardens to the same extent as its surrounding, as well as dies when it’s job is done so you don’t get rogue concrete tumors.

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