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Muhammad Ali: Tribute to a Legend at The Museum of Islamic Art

Muhammad Ali memorable postal stamp, Muhammad Ali Tribute to a Legend willbe on display at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

A tribute to late boxer Muhammad Ali will be on display at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha.

The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar will house ‘Muhammad Ali: Tribute to a Legend’, a tribute to the American boxing legend and human rights activist Muhammad Ali. With a unique collection of artifacts belonging to champ, from the first 18 years of his 21-year professional boxing career, which lasted from 1960 until 1978.

Ali, known as The Greatest, passed away on June 3 of this year, aged 74. He is one of the most recognized athletes worldwide, and legendary boxer as he was the first to win the undisputed world heavyweight title three times.

Muhammed Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr, and changed his name to Ali after converting to Islam in 1964 and becoming a member of the Nation of Islam – an African American Islamic human right and religious movement founded in Detroit. With the Nation of Islam Muhammad Ali was a prominent civil rights activist, most notably, he publicly refused the US army drafts to the Vietnam war.

Some of the significant artifacts featured in the exhibition include photographs from Ali’s outdoor exhibition bout at the Doha Stadium in 1971, and a his historic ‘draft exemption’ letter, which will be exhibited for the first time on its 50th anniversary.

Starting July 7, the temporary exhibition will be on show the Museum of Islamic Art’s fourth floor eastern gallery.

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