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5 Shoes Must Haves In Every Woman’s Closet

Every woman shoes must haves

If there is one thing women can not buy enough off, it is shoes. They are the cornerstone to every outfit, and the decider of dress-code. But worry no more, we have the 5 shoes must haves to complete your wardrobe. Or as complete as shoe wardrobe gets.

Classic Ballet Flats

Ballet flats -every woman shoes must haves
Ballet flats are simplest way to looking feminine, summery and like you planned your outfit. They are the perfect combination between causality and femininity, and they go with pretty much everything. You can either go with the simple one-colored shoes, or the summery and colorful ones. They are perfect to wear with pleated skirts, shift dresses, or even cutoffs.

Classic Pumps

Casual pumps - every woman shoes must haves
These are shoes every woman should have. It is the center of every lady’s closet. A pair of shiny classic heels are the fine line between casual and chic. You can wear them to a day at the office, afternoon social gathering, all the way to an evening date. Go with the black pumps for a more chic and sophisticated look, and they go with almost anything.

Casual Kicks

Casual kicks - every woman shoes must haves
Sneakers are very tempting to wear. They are comfy, colorful and look so good. But gym shoes are meant to stay at the gym, you don’t want to be the girl who wears sports-bras to the supermarket. A pair of cute kicks are the basics of any cute and casual attire. They look very cute with both jeans and dresses alike.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots - every woman shoes must haves
Ankle boots are all about edge. They give you that extra something, that sprinkle of haute couture. They are very popular in the world of fashion, as well as in everyday life. A good, chic pair of ankle boots can serve you long time. You can wear them for both casual and slightly prepped occasions. They are definitely the chic woman’s shoes must haves.

Summer Sandals

Summer sandals - every woman shoes must haves
There’s no other way to tell it is summer like sandals. They are the much cooler and much nicer alternative to flip-flops. These are the ultimate summer shoes must haves, they look great with shorts, summer dresses and even jeans. Not to forget that they are comfy and will keep your feet cool all summer long.



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