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Lamb Ribs In Rosemary – Ramadan Yummies

Lamb Ribs in Rosemary and Garlic

As part of Ramadan spirit, The Life Pile will suggest daily recipes that are easy and tasty. Today’s recipe is: Lamb Ribs In Rosemary

Lamb Ribs In Rosemary

2 Kilogram lamb short ribs
8 Cloves of sliced garlic
4 Sprigs of fresh rosemary
2½ Tablespoon steak seasoning
2½ Tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
Sea salt
Fresh ground pepper

Toss the ribs around in the seasoning and Worcestershire sauce, and refrigerate for one hour so they take in all the flavors.

Stack the ribs side by side onto a non-stick foil, inside a baking tray. Place the garlic slices and rosemary evenly over the ribs.

Cover them with the foil, but be careful that the foil doesn’t touch the top of the ribs.

Put the tray into a preheated oven at 315 degrees Celsius, and let them bake for two hours or the meat is tender.

Serve next to mashed or boiled potatoes.

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