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Best Photography Apps For This Summer

Man using photography app to take a picture of a man jumping out of a boat into the ocean

We have compiled a list of top photography apps to help you capture and edit your perfect moments.

Camera phones have brought you the ability to capture and save life’s every moment. Back in the day you’d had to take a picture, take out the film, run down to the chemist, wait to pick them up, and there was very little you could do to alter and add magical touches to your photos.

With the thousands of apps that claim to be the best capture or editing tool, how will you know which is right for you?


Pixlr claims to have over two million combinations of effects, overlays and filters, as well as so many tools you might never use them all. The application is perfect for collages, add text over your photos, or you can simply click the autofix button and have the app do its magic.


This is one of the most used iPhone photography app. It comes complete with all the professional tools you might want. This app has it all, and is a great application to use, especially if you are new to camera phone photography.


This is a whole new ProCamera app which came out with the launch of iOS 8. The clever app has a sleek and minimalist interface, but still rocks all the features you need. Some of its features are exposure time, ISO sensitivity and a night camera option. It is the big daddy of photography apps.


This app is slightly different from out other photography apps picks. It is special in the way it stores your pictures rather than the way it shoots them. Lifecake is the genius idea of keeping a photographic timeline. Watch your children grow, over and over again,or relive your relationships earliest days.

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