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Why Waldorf Education Is The Best For Your Child

Waldorf education was founded in the beginning of the 20th century by the founder of Anthropology, Rudolf Steiner. The pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, artistic development and interaction with one’s environment and surroundings.

Waldorf might scare some people, and that is normal. People usually fear what they don’t know, so we are giving you a chance to get to know it. Waldorf education is a holistic approach to education, meaning that educators main mission is not to create an efficient work force, but instead to nurture and develop healthy, active and socially responsible human beings.

“How can children learn without textbooks?”… Well who said that children are learning from textbooks? Have you ever read paragraphs and maybe pages out of a book or newspaper and later on realized that you don’t remember a word? That is because your mind is not programmed to remember everything you see, but you usually remember everything you experience.

Waldorf divides child development and learning into three stages. During early childhood Waldorf educators focus on practical, hands-on activities and creative play, during elementary education they focus on developing children’s artistic expression and social capacities. And during the secondary years of education educators focus on developing a child’s critical reasoning and empathic understanding.

Instead of being locked behind four walls all day, reading about what people before you have discovered, Waldorf children are encouraged to explore their surroundings and discover for themselves. Some of the notable Waldorf alumni are actress Jennifer Aniston, singer Big Sean, tennis champion Stan Wawrinka and American Express chairman and CEO Kenneth Chenault.

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