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Ramadan TV shows – What To Watch

The question on everyone’s mind every season, which Ramadan TV show should I watch?

Ramadan is a month of TV binge watching, and not in the way we know it. Instead of watching a full season in one setting, people gather to watch series after series all night long. What better way to recover from a day of fasting than with some quality TV drama.

Below we have compiled a list of four of the most anticipated series this Ramadan.

Bab Al Hara

It is one of the most popular series in the Arab world, with tens of millions of viewers year around. The series follows a typical Syrian neighborhood during the war for independence from the French. It takes viewers on a journey through the suffering, traditions, culture and lifestyle of the day.

Mish Ana

Is a Lebanese romantic-comedy, like most romantic-comedies there’s love, infidelity, deception and of course hope. Starring Carine Rizkallah as Hannah and Badih Abou Chakra as Majd. the two meet once Majd returns to Lebanon after Hanna’s elderly husband who happens to be also Majd’s uncle.

Wein Kenti

An older widower, Ramzi, is married to much younger Nisrine and all hell breaks loose. His son Jad and his girlfriend Silla are very suspicious of Nisrine’s intentions, a beautiful young girl with a very troubling past. Jad also has a married sister who is keeping a secret from her husband.

Oter Alsham

The story takes part in a period similar to Bab Al Hara. In 1920s Syria, with the start of the French occupation, Abou Amar leads the resistance in the town of Al-Kassab. Through his efforts he will have reconcile the people of Al-Kassab and regroup them against the French.

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