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Doha’s Ramadan Car Parades

Ramadan car parades in Doha, Qatar

For whenever you don’t know what to do around Doha before the break of fast, head down to the Chorniche for spontaneous Ramadan Car parades. Hundreds of cars, trucks, bikes and pretty much anything that runs on wheels line up daily for the car parade.

No one knows when it exactly became tradition, but the Ramadan car parades have become an annual custom for the Qatari locals. From luxury cars to truck, even specialized vehicles show up for the hour long show.

There’s really not much to it. People get into their cars and do a few rounds on the Corniche, and also at Katara Cultural Village’s Shakespeare street this year, since there was a call for a change of venue the year before.

Hundreds of spectator gather to catch a glimpse of the pimped out rides, from Ferraris and Lamborghinis, to Land Cruisers and Jeeps. But the real showstoppers are the exotic cars and the costume made vehicles. Some drivers have even dressed up to match their cars, and pose for photographs in their cars.

Those who like to attend the parade can catch in full show usually between 4:30 and 5:30 in the evening.

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