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Homestyle Strawberry Cheesecake – Ramadan Yummies

A homemade strawberry cheesecake

As part of Ramadan spirit, The Life Pile will suggest daily recipes that are easy and tasty. Today’s recipe is: Homestyle Strawberry Cheesecake

Homestyle Strawberry Cheesecake

A box of graham crackers
Vanilla cake mix
150 grams full strawberries
200 grams cream cheese
1 Can sweetened condensed milk
1 Cup of milk
1 Box whipped cream
Berries for decorations (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry..)

Squirt some cooking spray on a baking tray and cover its surface with crackers. Add the vanilla cake mix and bake under 175 degrees Celsius for 12-30 minutes.

Use the end of a thick wooden spoon, and poke 1 centimeter-wide symmetrical holes across the cake crust.

Mash the strawberries up well, add the cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and mix them until you get and even consistency, then mix in the milk.

Pour the strawberry mix over the cake, then frost with whipped cream. Chill your cheesecake in the fridge for 3 hours. Decorate with berries before serving.

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